Welcome to SkiBum.com!  Our goal is to help skiers like you have more fun, do less work, for better prices.  After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?  You will find everything from Discount Lift Tickets to Free Ski Classifieds.  Make sure to stop by often to check out our “Deal of the Day” where we find the hottest gear at ridiculous prices!

Tired of all the corporate or resort-run ski sites?  We were.  This is why we started SkiBum.com.  It’s all about fun and excitement – not taking yourself too seriously (we sure don’t).  Take the resort info.  It is written by locals that are LIVING THE LIFE.  Our team of over 250 freelance writers isn’t going to send you to tourist traps but they will speak to all kinds of skiers.   Whether you do one run then head to the lodge for beers or ski nonstop, there is something here for you.As the Bum likes to say, A Bad Day Skiing is STILL better than a Good Day Working!  Happy Trails
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